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Fixed Line Telephony
The secret to our quality service is using carrier class equipment, and the highly advance Multi-Path aboutcoms Network. By using both Quintum and Audio Codes equipment we can deliver on our promise of call quality without compromise.

The recent addition to our range of the Audio Codes Mediant 1000 unit provides the most respected multi-function unit available in the world today, utilizing modular design, for easy upgrade from analog to BRI or Primary rate ISDN, without changing out the gateway. Additionally the PC module allows this unit to function as a full PABX with extensive features that rival any other system available today.

When we combine and Audio Codes unit with PC module we can deliver a powerful full function PABX within the Multi-Path unit, when coupled with IP handsets a full IP system is easily and cost effectively deployed.

Multi-Path Gateways provide seamless integration into existing phone systems to provide high quality voice and data services. The aboutcoms system requires no changes to your current fixed line provider, no changes to your current phone system, no retraining of your staff.

Contact us to learn about our Multi-Path system and make FREE calls to any user on our network fixed line and any aboutcoms mobile registered user.