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aboutcoms Tele-health System
anytime, anywhere, any network
aboutcoms provides you with HD video from conference room to desktop & mobile devices...

aboutcoms Telehealth program a high quality innovative video system that will allow medical professionals to engage and consult over the Internet with colleagues and patients via a secure High Definition cloud base conferencing system.


There are four components for the roll out of the system.

  1. New site install, with all equipment, installation and Internet connection included with a package
  2. Supply of cloud base service only to sites that have appropriate equipment and bandwidth to utilize the service.
  3. Special mobile installations for use in age care facilities that will allow bedside consultations from GP to specialist and patient.
  4. Aged Care mobile medical carts

Package One: aboutcoms has developed a low cost package of Equipment, training, and Internet connection for a turn key supply and installation.

The VidyoRoom HD110 is an integrated endpoint of our Vidyo™ Conferencing System, a software-based platform that takes advantage of our patented Adaptive Video Layering™ and H.264 Scalable Video Coding to deliver telepresence-quality video experiences in a way that no one else can. We eliminate the performance limitations and high cost of multipoint transcoders and dedicated QoS networks, and make video conferencing a more natural and productive extension of your organization.

Only Vidyo offers the lowest latency, highest quality video, with dynamic rate and resolution matching to each individual endpoint in the conference. We also deliver the industry's highest level of error resiliency with the convenience of using the Internet and everyday LTE and 3G/4G wireless networks.

VidyoRoom works seamlessly with VidyoMobile™, VidyoDesktop™ and VidyoPanorama™ endpoints, as well as H.323 and SIP-based endpoints via VidyoGateway™, to connect with anyone, anywhere using off-the shelf hardware, camera and audio equipment.

The VidyoRoom system is easy to configure and use, with multiple layouts for video display including any combination of active speaker, continuous presence, and data sharing. Individual participants can change their preferred layouts at any time during a conference. Flexible conference control options are a snap using either web-based VidyoRemote™ software or a standard infrared remote control device. Support for far-end camera control from other VidyoRoom and VidyoDesktop systems enables remote participants to control what they see as if they were present in the meeting room.

Vidyo HD110 VidyoRoom Appliance HD 1080p30 / 720p60
HD PTZ Camera and Speaker Phone (Not Inc.)
Product No: DEV-RM-HD110-SA

Step inside a conference room outfitted with a VidyoRoom™ HD110 system and experience video conferencing with natural quality, simplicity and interoperability that's light-years ahead of traditional room systems.



Package Two: For users who already have suitable PC laptop and Webcam.

The VidyoDesktop software client delivers low latency HD-quality video for natural communications, and single-click simplicity with an intuitive graphical user interface or mouse control. Vidyo™ puts the productivity power of video conferencing into the hands of users.

Vidyo's Adaptive Video Layering Architecture delivers industry-leading error resiliency and low latency for personal telepresence on everyday desktop devices. This architecture enables the VidyRouter™ and VidyoDesktop to work together, dynamically adjusting video communications to network conditions and CPU utilization throughout a conference session based on the capabilities of each endpoint device, so all participants benefit from the full potential of their devices to deliver natural, face-to-face communication without broken images or delay.

VidyoDesktop integrates seamlessly with VidyoRoom™ systems, traditional H.323 and SIP endpoints using the VidyoGateway™. For integration with unified communication platforms, Vidyo provides plug-ins for IBM Lotus Sametime as well as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Lync

Vidyo Everyday PCs become personal telepresence systems
VidyoDesktop™ brings unprecedented telepresence-quality video conferencing to a company's most commonly used business tool - personal computers



Package Three: VidyoPortal™ provides a complete Web-based video conferencing environment that empowers users to manage their contacts and room settings while providing IT staff with centralized administration capabilities. Connect easily with colleagues for face-to-face communication with the click of a mouse button, an intuitive user interface and a familiar names-based directory. When it comes to scalability, VidyoPortal's architecture has the capacity to support tens of thousands of users.

VidyoPortal offers flexibility and control for administrators at all levels. Super administrators can manage the operational aspects of video conferences, in addition to configuring, managing and scaling the entire VidyoConferencing™ system including Vidyo™ endpoints, infrastructure and end user licenses. With individualized multi-tenant support on a single physical device, super administrators can configure tenant and global settings, and exercise full administrative privileges. When partitioned for multi-tenant use, VidyoPortal can make each tenant appear as a private portal, or enable visibility and communication between specific tenants. Tenant administrators can add, delete and manage users, set up public rooms and groups, and define maximum participants and bandwidth for users.

Vidyo Designed for deployments of up to 10,000 registered users, 2,500 active users and 25 tenants. It has a built in router, supporting up 50 concurrent calls. The VidyoPortal also comes with 1000 Soft client installs.



Package Four: Aged care facilities.

  • Nursing homes require specialized equipment that will allow the video unit to be mobile and located at bedside for consultations. aboutcoms will supply to nursing homes a mobile unit that is independently battery powered and Wi-Fi connected to dedicated aboutcoms DSL network.

Advantages of the aboutcoms Aged Care System
  • Continuity of care particularly for chronic illness
  • Improved quality of care for regional & remote patients
  • Financial benefits for patients - travel & time away from work
  • Access to care for patients who are home or bed-ridden
  • Reduce the time to access specialists
  • Secure & encrypted network to deliver medical consultations & services
  • Improved service & quality of care for patients
  • Extending the reach of practitioner services - remote & regional care
  • Improve the management of chronic illness or post operative care
  • Shorten the length of consults
  • Support better time management
  • Better communication between peers
  • Could be used as an teaching/training tool for peers and support workers
  • Improve leisure/family time for practitioners
  • Improve patient access to specialist care
  • Improve safety of patients - bedside consults
  • Improve the quality of care for patients
  • More timely appointment scheduling
  • No travel
  • Training facility for health care providers
  • Supports training & skills development through interactions with clinical peers
  • Medical devices & products could be promoted & training provided to staff through video-conferencing.

aboutcoms offers, under its Telehealth Program, a high quality innovative video system that will allow medical professionals to engage and consult over the Internet with colleagues and patients via a secure, high definition cloud base conferencing system. The benefits of using aboutcoms video conferencing for Telehealth application include:

  1. Secure and encrypted system with built-in NAT & firewall traversal
  2. Transforms everyday mobile devices into high performance Telepresence endpoints: PC, I pad and Smartphone
  3. Supported on Android and iOS
  4. Works over Wi-Fi, 3G and 4 G wireless networks
  5. Simple to install & use
  6. Multi users can participate in a video conferences
  7. Multi users can share data
  8. Training package & support service provided on installation

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