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Technical Support
Technical Support is provided for aboutcoms customers free of charge. If you are having difficulties with the device setup or operation, or the Aboutcoms network, please read the how to use the aboutcoms mobile device app section below or read through the FAQ first before contacting support. Existing aboutcoms/ouriptel customers can login to their account for mobile setup and provisioning. Start using the app in 3 easy steps.
  1. submit your international mobile phone number here
  2. Receive your app registration details and download link for your device via SMS
  3. Enter the information you received via SMS into the app
    • Your app will now register to the aboutcoms network and you can start calling other registered aboutcoms users
    • If your app does not prompt you for login details. Go to Settings, Sip Accounts and enter them there.
      iOS users, use your username as the registration code.
    • Standard charges apply for calls to international telephone destinations outside the aboutcoms network
  4. Call 1444 from your aboutcoms app to receive prepaid credit SMS
1. What is aboutcoms mobile?
aboutcoms provides high quality voice on your mobile devices with world wide coverage. With the coming of the Smart Phone we can now supply a high quality voice experience via a Sip client on your mobile phone and tablet devices. Currently we supply for Android and iOS. aboutcoms mobile application is locked to the aboutcoms VoIP network, and calls between devices are free of charge. Calls made to other networks will be charged at our current rates.

2. Can anyone use aboutcoms mobile?
aboutcoms mobile is available to all users that have an iPhone, iPad, or Android smart phone or tablet device. Customers must have a current PayPal account to prepay phone credit to access the aboutcoms network. Customers requiring post paid business accounts are asked to contact aboutcoms for application. Existing aboutcoms gateway customers are asked to contact support to add mobile accounts to their current aboutcoms business account.

3. How much does it cost?
Calls to all devices on aboutcoms networks are free of charge providing the devices are contactable our network at the time of calling. Calls made via other networks are charged at our current rates. Prices for calls are set per minute, but are charged by the second, with no connection fees. Call times will be rounded up to the nearest second.

4. What if I am an existing business customer of aboutcoms?
Existing aboutcoms business customers are asked to contact aboutcoms support directly to setup their aboutcoms mobile account within their existing aboutcoms business account. Calls made between aboutcoms gateways and aboutcoms mobile will be free of charge providing the mobile device and the gateways are accessible on the network at the time of call.

5. How do I set up a prepaid account?
Prepaid accounts are only payable via PayPal. To setup a new account, please use the signup page to create your user profile. To add new mobile devices to your existing user profile, please login to your existing user profile and add a new mobile device.

6. How do I set up a post paid account?
Postpaid accounts can only be setup by our customer support team. If you have an existing account, please contact support directly. If you wish to apply for a new post paid account, please contact support for more information.

7. How do I pay for an account?
Prepaid accounts are paid using PayPal. To add credit to your account, login to your user profile and click the buy credit button. You will be presented with a selection of prepaid options to choose from.

8. Do you accept any other payment methods?
Please contact support to arrange other method of payment.

9. Can I set up a post paid account?
If you are an existing aboutcoms business customer, contact support to have your Aboutcoms mobile added to your aboutcoms business account. If you are a new customer, please contact support for more information.

10. Where do I get the Mobile Applications?
Apple device applications are available on iTunes and Android device applications are available on Google Play (formerly Android Market) from 1st October 2012. Please search for aboutcoms.

11. Who is aboutcoms?
aboutcoms provides business class VoIP to customers in Australia. The company provides VoIP solutions by integrating VoIP gateways with customer PBX systems to provide cheap calls over the aboutcoms network. aboutcoms have built the Aboutcoms mobile network as a next generation voip offering. Current aboutcoms business customers can use aboutcoms mobile devices as part of their current business accounts.

12. How do I setup my mobile to use the aboutcoms network?
You must first download and install the mobile application from iTunes or Google Play. The next step is to sign up for an aboutcoms prepaid account, or if you are an existing aboutcoms business Customer, contact support. If you already have an aboutcoms mobile account and wish to add another device to it, login to your user profile to add a new mobile account. This process will automatically send a registration code to the device for the new number. When you signup for the first time, you will receive a confirmation email. Once your email address is confirmed, an SMS message will be sent to your mobile device containing a registration code for use in the application. The first time you run your application, you will be prompted to enter your registration code. Enter the code received in the SMS to this screen and the application will attempt to register to the network.

13. Will aboutcoms mobile work on my tablet device?
The iPad and Android devices will run the aboutcoms application.

14. How do I setup my tablet device to use aboutcoms network?
If the device does not have a phone number to receive the registration code via SMS, you will need to create the account for it using a mobile phone number that you can receive SMS on. If it does have its own phone number, but cannot receive SMS messages, please create an account for the phone number then contact support for your registration code. If you already have an aboutcoms account for your mobile phone, you can login to your account and reprovision your mobile. This will send a new registration code to you via SMS that you can use to register your tablet device. Note: Your registration code only works once, so you will need a new one for each device you use with the same account number. If you use the same account for your tablet as your phone, they will have the same number on the Aboutcoms network. When both registered to the network at the same time, the last registered device will receive any incoming calls from the Aboutcoms network. If you wish to have a unique phone number for use with your tablet accessible from any TELCO network, please contact support to apply for a direct in dial number.

15. Can I use more than one device on the same account number?
You can use more than one device using the same account number. You will need to reprovision the number from your user profile to the receive registration code via SMS. Registration codes are only usable once, so you need to reprovision for each device you wish to use with the same number. If you have multiple devices using the same account number, and they are registered on the aboutcoms network at the same time, only the last registered device will receive incoming phone calls from the aboutcoms network.

16. Can I add more than one account to my user profile?
You can add as many devices under different account numbers as you want to your user profile. Login to your user profile and add a new device. You will receive a registration code via SMS for each new device added.

17. How do I provision my mobile device?
When you verify a new user profile, or add a new device to an existing user profile, you will receive a registration code via SMS. If you are running an application that has no registration settings in it, it will immediately prompt you for a registration code. If you are reprovisioning an existing device account, you may need to click settings, accounts to enter this code. Once you have entered the registration code, your device will register to the aboutcoms network and you can start making calls.

18. My mobile device has lost its settings
Login to your user profile, and reprovision the account number that has lost its settings. This will send a new registration code to your device via SMS.

19. I cannot or have not received my provisioning settings via SMS.
Sometimes, SMS messages can be delayed for a short time. If you do not receive the message after a short time, then login to your user profile and check that you have created a mobile account with the correct phone number. If all is correct and you have not received the message, contact support.

20. My Apple device will not receive incoming calls.
Apple devices rely on the push service to receive incoming calls from the ABoutComs network. This will allow you to receive calls while the application is not on screen, providing the device is powered on and is in range of a data connection. If this has stopped working, open the application and click settings, user accounts. On this page, you will see allow incoming calls. Make sure this is set to on with push.

21. I signed up for a new account and received a message that the email address or the mobile number are already existing in another account.
You cannot create a mobile account on the aboutcoms network more than once. If it is attached to a different user profile or associated with an aboutcoms business account you will need to access it via those accounts. If you wish to have a mobile account moved to a different profile, or you believe there has been an error, please contact support.

22. I have other questions
Any other questions please contact support