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Remote GSM Coverage
Remote GSM Coverage
anytime, anywhere, any network
aboutcoms brings high quality mobile coverage to remote areas...

  • Provide all voice, SMS, 2.5G data and recharge services
  • Keep the same mobile number
  • Keep the same customer/corporate mobile plan with the local carrier
  • Backhaul via terrestrial or satellite links

aboutcoms GSM-over-Internet solution extends a local GSM carrier's network to a remote site via either a terrestrial, wireless or satellite link. aboutcoms existing relationships with many local and international carriers places it in a unique position to be able to negotiate arrangements.

Due to technical or financial reasons, local carriers may not always be able to extend their GSM service to cover a remote site.

Our service reduces the cost of GSM backhaul by up to 80% compared to a mobile carrier's traditional methods making it a more viable proposition for the local carriers.

aboutcoms mobile GSM service allows customers to do the following:

  • Use all voice, SMS, 2.5G data and recharge services that offered by the local carrier at any remote site
  • Keep their existing mobile number and travel seamlessly between the remote site network and other mobile networks
  • Keep the same customer or corporate mobile plan with the local carrier
  • Optimise the site GSM coverage to suit your business needs. For example, mobile coverage along an entry road may be desired even though the mobile traffic will be minimal in the area.