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Remote Connectivity
Remote Connectivity
anytime, anywhere, any network
aboutcoms provides high quality reliable IP bandwidth and International voice services...

  • Wireless Networks
  • Point to Point Terrestrial links
  • International Telephony Services

Terrestrial Connectivity

aboutcoms implements the very latest wireless internet solutions to provide unparalleled coverage around a mine site for fixed and mobile users. The ability to access Internet anywhere means access to real-time mine data, improved communications and greater safety.

Devices available include:

  • USB dongle - (for laptops, PDAs). Provides Internet access up to 2 km from the base station, even while travelling in a vehicle
  • Outdoor units - This high gain, external unit can be installed on a pole or building wall within 10 minutes. It provides Internet access up to 20 km from the base station with good line-of-site coverage
  • Vehicle units - Multiple antennas on the vehicle ensure a robust, high-speed connection even while moving. The vehicle unit has both Ethernet and WiFi connections and can act as a mobile WiFi hotspot
The combination of these devices provides real time communication in and around the mine site over an area up to 400 km2 from a single tower. Greater coverage is possible with additional towers.
aboutcoms Mobile Benefits:
  • Transforms everyday mobile devices into high performance telepresence endpoints
  • Supported on Android and iOS
  • Works over WiFi, 3G and 4G wireless networks
  • Integrates with ZOOM Room, ZOOM Desktop and H.323 & SIP endpoints
  • Simple to install and use with intuitive graphical user interface
  • Built-in NAT & firewall traversal.