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Managed Services
Managed Services
anytime, anywhere, any network
aboutcoms can design, implement, monitor and manage your telecommunications infrastructure...

  • Broadband Internet
  • Mobile GSM coverage
  • Cloud base services
  • Managed email, virus and spam filtering
  • Wireless Internet coverage
  • Management of in-country carriers
  • Management of local regulatory authorities

aboutcoms provides a range of services to ensure that the telecommunications infrastructure meets your needs - we implement and integrate with local carriers, monitoring 24 hours per day.

Services that we provide (subject to local regulations), include:

  • Broadband Internet - aboutcoms provides internet connections to remote sites via terrestrial and satellite links. With our broadband internet connections, customers can confidently expect:
    • Responsive email and web browsing
    • High quality clear telephony through our VoIP network
    • Responsive access to secure inter-office networks, for example database access and resource management tools (ERP, SAP tools and others)
    • The ability to monitor remote-site activity through SCADA management tools.
  • International telephony services - aboutcoms international telephony network is a carrier grade service designed to handle voice traffic from whole countries. aboutcoms also has a range of mobile VoIP solutions that work on laptops, tablets and mobile phones that can be used on any internet, WiFi or 3G connections in the world
  • Mobile GSM coverage - aboutcoms GSM-over- Internet solution extends a local GSM carrier's network to any remote site via either terrestrial wireless or satellite link. Users can keep their existing mobile number and travel seamlessly between the remote site network and the local carrier's network
  • Wireless internet access - aboutcoms wireless networks are able to provide internet coverage from a single base station to multiple small customer receiver units up to 20 km away over a flat terrain. This provides the flexibility to extend the local network over 1,000 sqr km, which is significantly larger than most wireless mesh networks
  • Management of in-country carriers - aboutcoms existing relationships with many local and international carriers places it in a unique position to be able to negotiate arrangements specific to the requirements
  • Management of local regulatory authorities - aboutcoms will work with local authorities to ensure all regulations and licenses are valid and kept up to date
  • Video conference facilities - aboutcoms offers a high quality video conferencing experience on everyday mobile devices over WiFi, 3G and 4G networks.
  • SMS Service - aboutcoms offers a no Lock in contracts SMS system. Send bulk sms messages to multiple recipients with extensive features and reporting, and recipient management.