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Our Company
Ouriptel has changed its name to aboutcoms to provide a better reflection of the extensive range of services we offer to the business market.

We have been at the forefront of Voice and Data solutions since 2004. The management and staff of aboutcoms, have collectively over 100 years of experience in delivering Data and Voice solutions to the business market in Australia and Overseas.

At aboutcoms, our focus is on high quality, affordable Telecommunications Solutions for businesses, ISP's, Government Organisations, Broadcasters, in fact any organisation that requires cost effect modern communications.

At aboutcoms we work closely with our customers and adopt a very hands-on approach during the design, implementation and delivery of all solutions. We implement well tested and proven solutions that match the specific needs of business users for their Telecommunications and Data requirements.

aboutcoms allows its agents to join the Revolution in Communications with minimum effort; Agents can quickly offer aboutcoms to their existing customer base and take advantage of a significant opportunity to expand their businesses.

aboutcoms has done the hard yards for its Agents and can get them going quickly and painlessly so they can provide the latest in VoIP to GSM and PSTN technology., Advertising and Purchasing Systems to their customers. If you are interested in becoming an authorised Agent please go to our Agents page for more information.

aboutcoms is a business of Ouriptel Holdings Limited, an Unlisted Public Company based in Maroochydore Queensland.